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What is graduates
member login ?


What is graduates member login ?
It is a membership system available for LSE graduates.
If you are a TFLSE member, you can login to the Graduates section and access the database using the
Username and password provided to you as a member.
Please send mail to  if you need to reach the alumni contact for any problem that you may have
regarding this facility.

What is edit security code ?
Edit security code enables you to update your own data when you login.
When you use your edit security code along together with your username and password edit my graduates information link will be activated.
By clicking this link, you will reach your own database and will be able to update by filling in the rows.

How can I learn my edit security code ?
You need to reach the administrator at

Do I need to use edit security code everytime ?
No, you do not need a security code if you just want to reach the database.
You can reach the database by using the database and username,however you cannot edit or update your own information.