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1986 -2011
Our fİrst logo 1986 -2011


TFLSE was setup as early as in 1986 by LSE Alumnus Omer Feyzoglu and his classmate Kazim Yalcinoglu. Kazim was in charge of Ankara chapter and Omer was busy tracing LSE alumni living in Istanbul. Those days, access to data was very much limited and the only source to reach Turkish alumni was the list the school would provide them with.

The real growth in number of TFLSE members came in early 2000s, during which a major shift has started from studying in the USA into LSE. The number of students sent to the school increased to an average of 50 every year, implying a 5 times increase as compared to 1990s.

Currently, the number of members  exceeds 800 and TFLSE has become an important hub, where LSE Alumni can benefit from huge networking, career and friendship opportunities.

TFLSE arranges regular monthly meetings during fall and winter months. These gatherings may take the form of After Work Drinks , Corporate Sponsored Events, Dinner With Keynote Speakers and Sunday Brunch.



ECE KUZULU, Head, Student Recruitment Committee

AYLIN AKCURA ULAS, Head, Alumni Relations Committee

TATIANA DOGAN, Head, Careers Committee

OZGUR DELEMEN, Head, Advancement and External Relations Committee